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First let me say thank you for visiting, and taking interest in Treasure Vaults!

What are Treasure Vaults?

Treasure Vaults are something that I came up with to display my Funco Pops safely. I didn’t like them being stacked miles high in my living room like they were.

The “Tower of Terror” as I called it had many a near mishap from children and curious kitties.

So I decided to develop the Treasure Vault

I had a few iterations of the Treasure Vault before I was happy with the design I came up with in the end. (You can see a few earlier versions mixed with the rest) Right now they are being printed on a 3d Printer. This is NOT cost effective. What I’m trying to do is get enough funding to be able to injection mold the Treasure Vaults. This would significantly reduce operation costs.

Let’s talk about the design. I designed the boxes to show of important aspects of the standard Pop! boxes, like the front logo, side panels and the name and number. The lid is press tight. It won’t come off unless you want it to. There are also slots on the back designed to use wall hanging sticky strips, or if you don’t trust those, you can hard mount it using screws. Here are some pictures of what I have “Hanging Around”.

As you can see they mount nicely. I personally used Command Strips to hang mine. As of this writing I have more designs in the works. I’m working on a doubles Vault and a sideways vault.

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    Thanks for the read!

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